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Ballyshannon Paupers' Graveyard

The access route to the Pauper's Graveyard in Ballyshannon was officially opened on the 22nd August 2017. This was the culmination of work carried out by the Ballyshannon Regeneration group alongside statutory agencies and local landowners. The Paupers' Graveyard, also known as the Famine Graveyard, was used as a burial place for people from the Ballyshannon Workhouse, before, during and after the Irish famine. More details about this historic site are available on the Discover Ballyshannon website.

Past news about Paupers'/Famine Graveyard.

On August 28th 2016, as part of National Heritage Week, the Ballyshannon Regeneration Group opened a temporary walkway to the Famine Graveyard from Bishop Street. During the Famine the graveyard was used to bury people who had died in the local workhouse. In 1995 the Donegal Association of New York funded a memorial plaque at the graveyard, while the local council erected a sign at Bishop Street indicating the graveyard's location. As there is no proper entrance to the graveyard, the Ballyshannon Regeneration Group, with support from local landowners and statutory agencies, has initiated a project to create an entrance and path to this historic site. To that end, shrubbery and obstacles from the entrance point at Bishop Street have been cleared and wooden steps erected, allowing access from the street to the field that then connects to the graveyard. In time the wooden steps will be replaced with stone ones and a fence constructed to seperate the path from the adjoining field. To obtain more information about Ballyshannon's Famine Graveyard see local historian Anthony Begley's blog on the genealogy and history of Ballyshannon.

Some images of the work undertaken for this project and the August 28th opening ceremony are shown below.

Ballyshannon Regeneration Group