Ballyshannon Regeneration Group is a voluntary community group which was setup in February 2009. It is the coming together of interested individuals and representatives of different groups to provide a co-ordinated approach in addressing certain aspects of the town which are in need of improvement or regeneration.

Our aim is to identify and address particular areas of the town that have fallen into disrepair or neglect. Working together, often in a simple and straightforward way, we believe that we CAN make a difference in our local environment. Indeed, we have made many improvements in our first three years, in various locations. Importantly, we also wish to promote a greater cultural, historical and environmental awareness of our area. Our actions, we believe, will have a knock-on effect in terms of promoting tourism, business and employment, and in turn instill and regenerate a sense of pride of place in Ballyshannon.

Contribution to our community

One of our main focuses has been to organise regular 'clean-ups'( in excess of 80 events to date) targeting common areas, approach roads and areas/buildings of historic interest. Over 120 people from all corners of the community have been actively involved in the organised 'clean-ups'. These involve grass cutting, litter collection, weed control, replanting of trees, painting street furniture, preparation for community events, revitalising neglected walkways, clearing and tidying derelict and overgrown sites etc. We have installed and maintained new flowerbeds and wooden planters thoughout the town. We have taken steps to initiate and encourage an environmental awareness campaign within the schools, clubs and businesses of Ballyshannon.

Our "get stuck in" approach to caring for our town has resulted in a tangible improvement in our natural and built environment. Amongst our group, new friendships have been forged and a sense of comradery and goodwill has extended throughout the wider community, thus enhancing civic pride.

We are now a sponsor group with the Rural Social Scheme. This is a community employment scheme run by Donegal Local Development Company aimed at maintaining and improving the general environment.

Ballyshannon Regeneration Group meets at the Bridgend every Monday at 6.30pm from April to September and alternate Saturdays at 10.00am for the rest of the year.

Ballyshannon Regeneration Group